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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Janet Dorey RIP

I report belatedly the funeral of Janet Dorey, who died on 2nd January, which took place on Tuesday 20th January.

Janet and her husband Alan moved to the parish a few years ago, but from the first moment they got involved: cleaning the church, helping count the money, helping at social events, etc.

Janet had been diagnosed with cancer only recently. Before moving to Ashford, she had travelled to Lourdes with HCPT Group 16 for twelve consecutive years. She and Alan went in their first year as South Ashford parishioners but missed the last two Easters due to Janet's poor health.

Her funeral Mass was extremely well attended, not only by our own parishioners but with many visitors from the parishes of Beckenham and Beckenham Hill and members of the HCPT group referred to above, as well as many other friends. Among those present were Father David Peck, parish priest at Wimbledon Common, who travels every Easter with the group. Father David concelebrated at the Mass and led the Final Commendation. Brother Anthony Jukes, a Franciscan, was also a member of the HCPT group, and he served as Deacon at the Mass.

Janet was an extrememly thoughtful person, and this quality was manifest right to the end of her life, even leaving instructions that at the reception following the funeral, a bouncy castle should be arranged for the grandchildren who were all to be present at the Mass.

The presence of so many family - her four children with their families which have produced nine grandchildren - is always a lovely sight at funerals. The prayer uttered at their wedding that they might see their children and children's children was surely answered in the case of Alan and Janet.

Janet died aged 66. May she rest in peace.

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Blogger Zack said...

Thank you father John for such a lovely day.. my Mum would have been so pleased to have seen so many people from all over the country.
I think she would also be amazed that my Dad now uses such words as ‘Blog’ in his telephone conversations to me.

Thanks again

Zack Dorey

2:54 pm  
Blogger Janet Dorey said...

Hello from Canada. Not sure how I came across your blog and the post "Janet Dorey RIP". My name is Janet Dorey and coincidentally my husband's name is (and spelled) Alan. Please give my regards to Zach and the rest of her family. We too have grandchildren, and I can think of nothing better than a bouncy castle following my funeral (which I hope will be in the far-distant future). Best wishes to St. Simon's.

3:21 am  

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