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For nine years up till July 2010, I was parish priest at St Simon Stock Catholic Church, South Ashford, Kent, England. From July 2010 until June 2011 I was Associate Pastor at St Peter's Cathedral, Marquette, Michigan USA and then Pastor at St Anthony Parish, Gwinn, MI until October 2013. I then transferred to the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon to serve as Director of the Tribunal. And that's what I am currently doing. Since February 2015 I have also been serving as Pastor at St Stephen Parish, South East Portland. I miss "da UP" (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) but love being here in the Pacific North West.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eucharistic Adoration – Lord, it is Good to be Here

(From a parishioner)

Think for a moment of any group of the most important people in the world, say George Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, Pope Benedict XVI, and how excited and nervous we would be if we were just to catch a glimpse of them in public.

Supposing we were invited into their presence, think of the amount of preparation we would do; questions to ask, responses to their enquiries, a journey plan, what to wear etc.

Every Saturday morning between 10am and 11am at our parish church, and at countless other Catholic churches throughout the world where there is Eucharistic Adoration, the Creator of all these most important people, Our Lord and God, awaits.

There are no guards in attendance, no formal invitations issued, there is no fuss. As you enter His house, you bow low before your God and Creator. You immediately have His total and infinite attention. He will not look over your shoulder if bored, seek a more important person in the room to speak to, make an excuse if He finds you uninteresting.

You have His full and undivided attention, even though there are others there with you. He will not be embarrassed if you have little or nothing momentous to say. He does not mind silences. He is not looking to be amused or entertained.

You can just look at Him, and He will look at you. He is. He made you; He died for you; He loves you; He wants you. Lord, it is good to be here.

Compared to Him you are a worm and no man. Yet you are alone with Him. This is the most important moment of the week. Just me with You. I want it to go on for ever, just being with You. I am even jealous that others are sharing You.

Dear Lord, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to enter your presence. I will never deserve this privilege. I am really blessed. You made the heavens and the stars, the sea, all living things. I am nothing compared to you. Yet here I am Lord, with You.

I do not feel embarrassed, awkward, ill at ease, tongue tied and ill prepared; yet I should be all of these things, as I look at You and You look at me.

Dear and wonderful God, how can I possibly thank you enough for being so loving yet so unloved, so powerful yet so still, so glorious yet so meek, so majestic yet so humble, so companiable yet so alone, so merciful yet so royal, so forgiving yet so strong, so joyous yet so sorrowful, so radiant yet so disfigured, so awesome yet so approachable.

I am none of these things yet I am with You. How generous is your love. I do not want You to go away into the tabernacle. I want to see You, to adore You, just to be with You.

You are Alpha and Omega, the Creator, the Redeemer, the Christ, the Holy Spirit, and yet I am with You, now. Just me. Here I am Lord. It is good to be here.

I bow very low before you, my Lord and my God.

O Sacrament most holy,
O sacrament divine,
All praise and all thanksgiving,
Be every moment thine.



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