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Monday, December 31, 2007

Evelyn Leonard RIP

A very much loved parishioner, Evelyn finally yielded her soul to the Lord on 26th December, feast of St Stephen. She was 59.

Evelyn was received into the full Communion of the Catholic Church on 16th December 2005. She was known for her great faith in the Blessed Sacrament - finding the Real Presence of our Lord truly present in our church when she first came to announce that she wanted to become a Catholic. She had a deep love of the Blessed Virgin and, overall, a great trust in God.

This trust was exercised most fully when she was once again diagnosed with cancer in March this year. In spite of increasing disability, she hardly ever failed to make it to Sunday Mass together with her daughter Elizabeth who was received into the Church at Easter 2006.

In her final days in hospital, she was able to receive Holy Communion daily, and for the last time on Christmas Day.

Her body will be received into the church this Thursday at 4.30pm and the funeral Mass will be on Friday at 1.30pm.

Evelyn is survived by her husband Peter, and her children Peter, James, John and Elizabeth.

May she rest in peace.



Anonymous Tim Shamoon said...

I have just been to the Funeral Mass of Mrs. Evelyn Leonard along with a few hundred people and it was a testament to her lovely and wonderful personality and her good nature that the Church was not only full but it was standing room only and some people were even outside.

I am sure that her family are sad and will miss her but I hope that they will take heart from seeing the people there in appreciation for the life of Evelyn and also in support of them too.

May God have mercy on Evelyn and May God Bless and protect her family until they can be together again in Heaven.

4:29 pm  

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